The arrival of a baby is an important moment in a parent's life. This requires making crucial choices about the products you will use to monitor and care for your child. A must-have device is the baby monitor , which helps you monitor your baby while he sleeps or plays in his room. With a multitude of models available on the market, how do you choose the baby monitor that best suits your needs and those of your baby?

The different types of baby monitors

There are mainly two types of baby monitors: audio and video.

Audio Baby Monitors

Audio baby monitors are the classic and most commonly used models. They allow you to listen to the noises your baby makes while sleeping. Some more advanced models offer additional features such as measuring the room temperature, lullabies or even the walkie-talkie function which allows you to talk to your baby remotely.

Video Baby Monitors

Video baby monitors , also called video baby monitors, allow you not only to listen to your baby, but also to see them thanks to a camera installed in their room. Most models offer night vision, which allows you to monitor your child even in the dark.

Today, there are more and more baby monitors and there are many families for both video and audio baby monitors. To find out more, you can consult our different guides:

Important Features to Consider

Audio and video quality

Audio and video quality is essential to effectively monitoring your baby. Make sure the baby monitor provides clear, crackle-free audio quality. If you opt for a video baby monitor, also check the image quality, especially in night vision mode.


The range of the device is also an important criterion to take into account. This depends on the size of your accommodation and the distance between your room and your baby's room. Most baby monitors have a range of 50 to 300 meters in the open field. However, this range can be reduced by obstacles such as walls or floors.


Battery life is another thing to consider. If you plan to use the baby monitor for long periods of time, make sure it has sufficient battery life. Some models can be used for more than 20 hours without needing to be recharged.

Additional functions

Other functions may be useful, such as measuring the room temperature, lullabies, the VOX mode which triggers the baby monitor when baby makes a noise or cries, the walkie-talkie function, a motion sensor or even a mode night light. It all depends on your needs and those of your baby.

The Baby Monitor: remedy for the anxieties of young parents

Parents, especially new ones, are often overwhelmed by a multitude of anxieties regarding their child's safety and well-being. A baby monitor proves to be a valuable tool in allaying many of these fears. First of all, it allows you to monitor your child's sleep without having to constantly enter their room, reducing the risk of accidentally waking them up. Additionally, it helps monitor the child for signs of distress or discomfort, such as crying, coughing, or even unusual movements.

Some advanced baby monitor models also offer features like room temperature tracking, motion detection, and even heart rate or breathing monitoring, helping to reassure parents that their child's sleep environment baby is safe and comfortable.

Additionally, for parents who have to complete household chores or work in another room, the baby monitor allows them to keep an eye on their baby while continuing their activities, reducing the anxiety of not being physically present next to them. the child.

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How to choose between an audio baby monitor and a video baby monitor?

The choice between an audio baby monitor and a video baby monitor depends mainly on your needs and your budget. An audio baby monitor is generally less expensive and may be sufficient if you just need to listen to your baby. If you also want to see it, a video baby monitor will be more suitable. It's also more reassuring to be able to see your baby, especially if he or she is sick or you're anxious.

Tips for optimizing the use of your baby monitor

Where to place the baby monitor?

Most of the time, each parent will be faced with the same problem when using a baby monitor and this very quickly after receiving it. First of all, you will have to know where to position it in the baby's room or in the living room, instead of searching we have created a guide: Where to place a baby monitor: best practices?

Baby monitor echoes

Then, you will often have echo problems, this happens each time the monitor or your smartphone if you are using an App is too close to the camera, which will very clearly harm the quality of the transmission; in this case nothing special to do just move the 2 units away from each other.

Increase the range of your baby monitor

If your baby monitor works on a technology other than WiFi, you should systematically avoid thick walls and concrete-type walls which tend to strongly attenuate the signal. But if you have a WiFi baby monitor or connected baby monitor, you can set up repeaters which will amplify the signal and therefore increase the range of your baby monitor in your home and will allow you not to suffer from latency.

Dedicated smartphone application

Some baby monitors do not include a monitor type unit which is replaced by your smartphone. To be able to use 100% of their capacity you will have to download the dedicated application from your favorite App Store. Sometimes even the receiver and transmitter units are replaced entirely by baby monitor applications which will mimic the operation of a traditional baby monitor via WiFi.

Recommended brands

There are many brands of baby monitor on the market, on Babykare we have carefully selected those that we wish to distribute to you, you will find them all through our guide, " What are the best baby monitor brands? ", we approach each one with detail. Babykare has its own brand of baby monitors which must combine functionality, practicality and price.

Choosing a baby monitor is an important decision for the safety and well-being of your baby. It's important to consider features that are essential to you, such as audio and video quality, range, battery life, emissions, and additional features. Brands like Babykare, Miniland, Lionelo offer reliable and quality models. Ultimately, the best baby monitor is the one that best meets the needs of you and your baby.

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